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Halloween Fun!!!

Halloween Fun!

Trick or Treat Street by Street

Front Range Church would love to help you celebrate Halloween this year. Below are a couple ways we want to chip in and make it fun for everyone.

We've put together a “trick or treat street by street” guide to Help trick-or-treaters know which streets will have houses handing out candy. Click on the link below to see a list of streets with houses handing out candy this year. Of course not every house may be listed, but at least you can use it as a guide to get started!

We have put together a scavenger hunt for you and your kiddos. There are 2 locations:

1) Around the 2 lakes by the primary school.

2) Around Crystal Lake.  

Click here to print off a checklist of the fun Halloween images to find as you walk the trails. We would also love to give your kiddos a Halloween treat for completing the scavenger hunt. A full-size candy bar and a glowstick necklace that you can use on Halloween night. We have several locations to pick up your prizes. Simply text the word ‘glowstick’ (all one word) to 1-720-619-0100 and we’ll shoot you a list of where you can grab your prize!

Finally, if you plan to accept trick-or-treaters on Halloween, click HERE to download the image of a candy corn to put in the window closest to your door. 

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